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What is MJM Ministry?

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have parents stand behind a child that throws the parents away and to return at the precise moment that the parents’ help is imperative. 

One Sunday I went home for dinner. It was customary that I came for dinner at least monthly. This visit I walked smugly into the living room to announce that I was moving out of state to undergo sex reassignment surgery. The woman they assumed was my roommate was really my fiancé. I knew they were not going to be with me on my choice.  I did not plan on trying to cushion the news in any way. It is safe to say my news was received the way I expected, however I was surprised by the lack of any conversation. Mom walked out of the room. Dad picked up the newspaper to finish reading it. I made the decision to walk out of their house and not look back.

Changing my gender did not fix me. It did not bring me the happiness I believed it would. My world fell apart. I fell apart. Surprisingly, my parents stepped back into my life. They picked back up like I had never hurt them. I was shocked, amazed, but most of all, extremely grateful. I cannot imagine how I would have ever gotten through without them. Not just through it but thrived. Their unconditional love is what every child should experience. MJM Ministry is born out of love from a child for their parents. 

MJM Ministry will come alongside the transgender that needs support. Do you think you made a mistake? Do you not know where to turn? We offer a safe place to find the support you need. You’ll find unconditional love and understanding to help you navigate the uncertainty that lies ahead. We aren’t meant to do life alone. MJM Ministry will accompany you on the path through.